Friday, March 12, 2010

About bloody time!

As per usual the date that I say I'm leaving never normally happens but I think this time its a goer - the family and other various supporters are going to tie me to the boat and tow me offshore, pointed in the direction of Tasmania. If all goes according to plan this time next week should see me out in open waters at last. Did a final shakedown sail a few days ago, found a few more problems as usual but nothing that can't be rectified fingers crossed. Thankyou to all the smaller sponsors that have come on board over the past couple of months. Thanks to Tim Dallas from South of Perth Yacht Club who has introduced me to a new tracking system which we are getting onto the website, with Tim's company designing the new tracking page. It looks Hot! Should be up on the website in the next couple of days.


  1. Hi Jamie, Just wanted to say thankyou for being the greatest big brother, from the moment I was born you have always been my hero. I am so proud of you for your strength of character and huge heart which has helped you make your solo sail dream a reality! May you prove an inspiration to all those people who sit back on their butts thinking they cant chase their dreams to get up and out there and do something about them. Life is short, but it is wasted if you dont get out there and give it your best go. The tracking system on the web site looks fantastic! Wishing you good winds and safe seas, Looking forward to reading your updates. Love you, Natasha xoxo

  2. Dear Jamie
    All the best on sailing solo around Australia.I will be watching your tracker until you get home.Well done mate.
    Hon. Phil Edman M.L.C.