Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Truckin' along

Well Spirits been flying through the waves at a consistent 5-6 knots, in steady 15-20 knot south westerly winds. At this rate I should make Hobart on the weekend at some time.

I've been really enjoying the blog comments, so comforting to know how many others out there enjoy discussing things with themselves. Out loud. Strangely comforting. My latest challenge now is coping with the cold. I needed to get the second washboard in place to try to keep whatever warmth there was inside the cabin. This turned into a mammoth task in trying to line up the washboard with the track while the boat was rocking all over the place. It involved me tying myself into the lifting chair so I didn't go flying, and getting into positions that I didn't think was possible. Amazing what you do when you have to. Task was achieved successfully. The cold does have the potential to take me out - my damaged self does not do a great job of self-regulating body temperature. I do need to minimise the time spent outside, and I have found that my semi-functional right hand (the left one isn't worth bothering with) gives me about 4 minutes of work before the cold shuts it down. I am able to warm up back in the cabin and I have increased my eating - its like stoking me with fuel and helps my body to generate its own heat. I have been able to get plenty of rest - the only thing that sets my radar guard zone off out here is rain squalls, and there haven't been any of those for a couple of days. I'm realising how much fatigue can take you out mentally, and how important it is therefore to get some sleep.

I'd also like to acknowledge and send a big thankyou to those people who have very kindly sent donations through my website. This is an expensive project and I am beholden to the companies and individuals who have contributed to make it possible. The expenses continue as I sail around the country so all contributions are very much appreciated. Also, the army of friends and community members who have volunteered their time to help with all the preparations and work around the boat. I would never have been able to set sail without their efforts and support.


  1. Hi Jamie, sorry about your microwave and well done in cleaning up all the bits of glass everywhere. Hope you're managing to keep warm and glad to hear you've been able to get plenty of rest. Hugs, kisses & best wishes.

  2. Sound like a pair of Aussie Ugg boots would be the go. What size and where can I send them to?
    We tied a sailbag up instead of putting the washboards up.That stops heaps of cold air getting in ,but no good if its raining,makes it easier to get in and out as well.

  3. Hi Jamie
    I am in total awe of you, to be out there alone and coping so well is amazing. You are one hell of a fella taking on such a big challenge!
    I for one will never complain about life being too hard again after reading your profile.
    That old saying 'where there's a will, there's a way' definately applies to you.
    I hope you're keeping a diary of your journey as I'm sure there will be plenty of book offers coming your way. I for one will definately be lining up to buy one!
    Stay safe and warm and may the seas be kind to you.

  4. Hi Jamie, great that your in the big blue and sailing well, don't have to many baths as you'll never get the smell out anyway. Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney we'll keep following you on your adventure. Have fun your inspiring many Good sailing Stephen

  5. Jamie,
    You are an inspiration! To forge ahead and live life as you are, despite incredible obstacles, puts us all to shame. It really makes me think about what I am doing with my life and what I could be doing. Most people don't develope even a fraction of their potential. Stay safe, you are a champion!

    Richard in Maryland

  6. G'Day Legend,Dont know if this is much help to you but I did see somebody once with a pair of mittens that plugged into a USB port to keep their hands warm,they heated up quite a bit and the tops clipped back so fingers were free to type and then you could unclip and warm fingers again.Wish I could tell you where to get them but maybe a fellow blogger might know.Keep as warm and dry as you possibly can as of course you already know, but I am a nagger from way back!Please take good care of yourself you are doing amazingly well and we are all so proud of you.GOOOOO!you good thing.Gumnut in Brissy.

  7. You now have good experienced as you sail on long way to Hobart and learn to beat rough sea! I hope you still enjoy! Closer to Hobart soon! From Richard

  8. Hi Jamie,

    Am enjoying your blogs. Talking to yourself is ok - apparently that's not so bad - it's when you begin to answer yourself there's a problem so "they" say. lol

    I hope you're still flying through the water and honestly, you're doing wonderfully and I'm still in awe of you and your journey considering the huge waves and cold. I can't really comprehend the harsh cold you're experiencing.

    I hope your toe has improved, and it's good to hear you're eating and sleeping well along with being able to be warm most of the time. Good to hear you're getting boat balance too.

    Stay safe and keep on keeping warm.

    Sunshine Coast. Qld.

  9. Jamie, everyone in Perth is thinking of you as another storm lashes WA and a catamaran with 4 crew from Durban is being rescued far off the coast of Bunbury. I bet what you say about cold now is an understatement. With the wind straight from the pole, and without the warmth of the Leeuwin Current, it would be unrelenting. Keep your hat on - as the mountaineers say (balaclava that is)(run the genset?); You are so close and the planets are lining up wonderfully. Wish I could be there, but the tea-cake and Laser States prevent me. Well one at least!

  10. Am wondering if you've sailed in these latitudes before, and experienced the cold - knowing it's impact on your circulation wouldn't be something you'd have been looking forward to before you set out! Hence, this leg likely to be the worst of your journey? Once you can get past Tassie & head north again, things should get brighter, and calmer... Very interesting watching the three of your work your way across this tricky section - bit like the Argonauts tackling set trials to reach the Golden Fleece - You're leading the way, & showing us how hard it is from your perspective; Jessica's not getting it easy; next will be Jeanne - wonder if Neptune's got something in store for her too? Let's hope you've had the worst of it. As you say, in any predicament, fuel in the tank (high energy food) is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. Take care - but I do wish you had some bananas ... :-)

  11. Hi Jamie,
    Sounds like your going great at the moment, 5-6knots is a terrific average. Looks like you only have a couple hundred NM to go (no scale on the tracker).
    We have been keeping a close eye on the weather charts but I'm sure you have been cheacking even more.
    The low that got Jessica looks like it's fading and heading south so hopefully will not get to you before you reach Hobart.
    Don't push the boat & youself too hard,
    Steve & Jane

  12. Jamie all the staff and 54 residents at Dalkeith Hostel Traralgon are following your journey with with pride. They have dedicated a wall for you in the activities room where everyone can see. Each day Jane thats incharge of activities prints off your blog and sticks up on your wall so the residents can check if your been behaving on the ocean. Its very strange everyday coming to work and seeing photos of my brother as soon as I arrive. The same residents cheered you on at the Olympics and love that you never stop trying. If you get a chance Jamie could you say hello to everyone at Dalkeith on one of your blogs. Safe journey Naomi.

  13. Jamie how wonderful that you are making a difference to all the people leaving comments, especially the 54 residents that have adopted you as their pin-up boy.
    I cannot wait to read your blogs, but have been worried for you after hearing on the news about Jessica's mainsail being torn in two places by the conditions out there.
    Please stay safe and warm, take care. I would also like to send all our love to the people at Dalkeith Hostel Traralgon and to yourslf.

    Sharlene, Mandurah WA

  14. Hi Jamie
    Nilson and I where so happy to see you sail out of Perth and have been following your trials every day.We hope you get a chance to rest up a little in Hobart and shop for a new microwave.Hope the said toe is on the mend.Safe journey,thanks for the great blogs.

  15. Jamie,
    Go Aussie Go! Only a few days to go before you can have a warm bath and a hot cup of soup, meat pie and a beer, bugger the tea cakes.
    Eat more and stay warm.
    Lots a love Cathie

  16. Hi mate; i'ts Sonny from Rocko. your awsome mate; if we can survive teenagerhood mate; we can do anything. Lee and i have been watching your progress. And year your right about young jesica..."Sham WOW"... LOL. amazeing young lady. Anyway i hope your enjoying your little break,, all the best mate, Son..