Monday, May 17, 2010

Farewell to Sydney Town

I finally sailed out of Sydney Heads on Sunday, wrenching myself away from shore yet again to continue on my way. There is not just the physical adjustment of getting re-established as a boat dweller on the high seas, but the emotional adjustment is just as hard in having to leave everyone behind and again have to get used to my own company 24/7. I don’t know that I enjoy my own company for that length of time! I had lots of help in getting away – thanks Brendan, Campbell and Helen and sorry to Fran for dominating Brendan’s time like I did, but he was doing such a great job helping me stash stuff! Also thanks to Colin and Jane who appeared with some home cooked meals for me to take, meaning I can put off using some of those microwave meals that I am starting to dread. I was farewelled out of the Harbour by Tish and her daughter Pip who followed on their boat, which was fortuitous as it turned out as I needed Pip to climb on board and close the front hatch for me as we motored out. A lesson learnt for me there to make sure I go over the boat myself with a fine-tooth comb before leaving the jetty.
Whist in Sydney yet again I was supported and welcomed by a range of people. Thanks to Steve and Louise Churn for having us to dinner, and to Steve for being the official record-keeper for Sydney. Another big thankyou to CYC as well as RANSA for letting me keep the boat there. Commodore Matt Allen and Manager Mark Woolf for their great support. Thankyou to Kevin Loyd-Thomas who picked us up from the airport and helping me on the boat during my Jessica Watson rehearsal run - also for organising support to help me get away for the next leg. A very big thankyou to Max, boatman from Alpha Romeo, for helping me to prepare the boat for the next leg and designing and fitting a boom retainer - which has already proven a winner, and I no longer have to listen to that infernal screeching sound.
I was accompanied out the Harbour not by dolphins this time, but by a school of fish jumping out of the water around me. Don’t know what they were, but it was a speccy sight. I’ve been heading east as much as possible to get away not just from the shipping but also the current that runs down the coast here. The winds have been consistent 20-25knots from the south, but with constant shifts making it difficult to keep a sail setting which is quite tiring. Am hanging out to hit some warmer climes as I head north!

In response to your blog comment Demmi about getting on board for sponsorship - please contact Jan Davies whose contact details are on the Home Page of my website, email Any support is greatly appreciated. It's also possible to make a tax free donation through the "Support the Spirit" button on the right hand side of the home page - just click on it and it takes you to the site. Many many thanks to those of you who have already donated, I feel very humbled by peoples generosity and more determined than ever to make this trip a success.


  1. HI Jamie,
    I e-mailed Jan , so should get a reply soon and get things happening.
    I have been planning my own such adventure for the last few years but could not find a 34 I wanted
    I have to get one made.
    I have heard the moulds are back and new injection technology have been made possible for a better modern version.
    A couple of years ago I had a few sails in a S&S 34 in NZ, and I was rather impressed in the performance for a 30 yr old yacht.
    We crewed 2 and mostly in the south Island from ChristChurch to Queenstown.
    Going through Cook Straight and into the west coast was fun, rough,wet and darn freezing
    I have always liked the 34's and 36's and 39's.
    I have looked very closely at the Constellation and think that it is the boat for me.
    Lighter , faster , stronger and the lines are cleaner than the older 34's.
    I have looked at buying older 34's but the advantages of a new boat outweigh a re-fit of an older one.
    There are only two makers of this boat here and both in WA.
    I would like to know from current owners/sailers of 34's, which manufacturer do you believe can do the job best.
    This boat will be customised for solo work Tasman and mb Bris-Syd and a global circ nav at some point in a year or two.
    Thanks for any input in advance.

  2. Hey Jamie,
    You are, and your trip, already a success ! DOn;t worry about that. I shall be checking your blog every day, especially now that Jessica Watson has finished, you will be first up in the morning line up! You are an inspiration, which is the biggest gift you can give others, if it gets them started on their own paths.
    Happy sailing.
    Vinnie - NZ

  3. Jamie - fair winds and smooth sailing, mate. Hope it gets warmer soon.
    love, Annie and Ole

  4. Hi Jamie,
    A pleasure to read your last two blogs I was pleased to read you was able to assist and be in the official party for Jessica. Saw her arrival on TV must admit I had a lump or two in my throat, she deserves all the accolades she can get. I just read Abby Sunderland's blog she will set off in the next day or two all being well hope she has "fair winds and smooth sailing".
    Jamie I hope your trip northwards is safe and the sea is kind to you. Take care and be safe look forward to your next blog.
    Ric (in Adelaide).

  5. Hi Jamie

    Glad to hear things are going well, despite I'm sure your share of thrills and spills. Hope you're getting some warmer weather now. Keep up the great work. Fair winds to you.

    Hi to Jo and Bella.