Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Sailing Up to Townsville

Arrived safely at Breakwater Marina in Townsville at about 3.30 this afternoon. Had a wonderfully uneventful trip from Airlie, although didn't get any sleep last night - needed to stay on watch for ships of which there were many moving up and down the channel. Winds started off about 24knots south easterlies, easing down to next to nothing just before getting into Townsville which thwarted my intention to sail all the way in. Beautiful sailing out there all morning - cutting through a flat ocean in a well balanced boat doing around 5 knots with sunshine and lovely views. Was followed by a pod of dolphins just to top off the experience.

Have now decided to do another short hop up to Cairns on my way to Darwin, before heading outside the reef and going around Cape York. Does it look like I'm practising avoidance perhaps? Yes I think I am! Maybe its also a part of the world that I'm struggling to tear myself away from just a bit. Plans are to leave here on Thursday morning, arriving Cairns Friday sometime. I will spend a few days going up the coast in the car with Jo and Bella before leaving to sail to Darwin.


  1. Well done Jamie, you are almost there so it is OK to have a few more "tourist stops" on the way to enjoy that beautiful part of Oz. Have lots of fun ashore and take care

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Onward and northward my brave and wonderful hero. I hope dolphins stay with you all the way.
    Hugs, kisses and best wishes.

  3. sorry that should read luck

  4. Gday Mate, I havent had much lick with comms where I am Chichester Ranges.This is the first opportunity for quite a while.Heading into Sydney. The dolphins are a good sign you are heading in the right direction. Dave Dello may be in Cairns.Hope you have long range fuel tanks,it might get a bit softer around the Cape.

  5. Hi Jamie, From your posts it sounds like everything is going well for you. Good on'ya for planning a few more stops along the way! By all means take advantage of opportunities to enjoy that beautiful part of AU by car. I was in and around Cairns a few years ago and would certainly enjoy a return visit. Thought the countryside was quite nice and really enjoyed the Daintree Rainforest area. Can't blame you for wanting to hang around the east coast as long as possible!

    Take care now!
    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  6. Glad to the hear you're going well Not dismasted in the southern ocean awaiting reccue as others are. Sniff the flowers along the way. Fair winds and sunshine on your back as you head for Darwin.
    Russell H