Saturday, June 19, 2010

Next Stop Darwin

Yes I know it's Saturday and I said I was going to leave Friday, but I had forgotten yet again about the dangers of leaving Port on a Friday, remembered just in time - well maybe I was also held up by Jo and Bella who decided Friday was a good day to do a day trip to the reef, so all in all Saturday just seemed a better option. Finally got away today after dealing with a concerning leak in the toilet flush, which meant that the toilet wouldn't stop filling, but that got sorted (hopefully) and I was away - thanks to Joe at the Marina and a couple of other helpers who untied and helped push Spirit in the right direction. As I was heading out the Marina, eagle-eye Jo noticed that the main halyard was still tied up to the stay, which we had done to stop it banging the mast in the wind and annoying the neighboors. So I had to turn around and come in - Joe held the boat while Bella did her monkey act and climbed up to untie it. It was a real relief that it was spotted before I tried to pull up the main sail, or it could have been really disastrous.

Am feeling well and prepared for the next leg. I do feel very much like I'm venturing into the unknown so although I am anxious about it, I can't help being just a bit excited at the thought of rounding Cape York and heading across the north of the country. So far today I have been averaging 6.5 knots in steady 20knot southeasterlies, which has meant a quick passage out through the reef and back into open ocean. I should have a couple of days of straightforward sailing, keeping the reef to port, until I have to head back through it up towards the tip of Cape York. My plan is to get as much rest as I can in the open ocean before needing to be alert to navigate around the Cape. If these winds stay consistent it should be a fast passage around and out the other side.


  1. Ok friend, we are with you if only in spirit.
    I am just starting to understand how hard it must be for you, I can only use one of my arms ATM because of a fall and a very nasty burn, total frustration!!!! So, I am with you in spirit all the way and I will meet you when you get back to Rockingham, it is only 200 k from home, peace of cake....and very seriously, we think that you are a very special and couragous young man. Take good care and keep blogging... and sailing of course says she who is terrified of water!!!Viv

  2. Hi Jamie, it's lovely to hear from my brave and wonderful hero again. Thanks for another great read. Well spotted, Jo! Hugs kisses and best wishes.

  3. Jamie,
    Enjoy your cruise across the top, hot days though (drink lots of water), but lovely warm nights and fantastic skys, heaps of falling stars---------- Wonderful sunsets whow.
    Enjoy every moment, Go Jamie!!!!
    Lotsa love

  4. About half way round the Lap. Do you rekon that 1 around the world is on the cards? I certainly think that after this little escapade you will have a better handle on boat requirements as well as the fortitude that you find for a very historic trip around Aus.
    Go you good thing.

  5. G'day Jamie,
    Just checked you're tracker, you're going great, hope all went well through the Reef.
    Not far to go and you'll be in Darwin sinking a stubbie or two.
    Take care and don't go over board mate - too many (big) crocs in the sea up that way.
    Ric (in Adelaide).

  6. Finally have good comms where I am.If you get time google the Chichester ranges in the Pilbara. I am somewhere near the Redmont rail camp. Really nice at this time of year.Been missing my sailing and contact with you.Hope you have got enough fuel, because when the wind drops and the current is against you, you might get to see the same places twice.
    No need for Ugg boots up there hey?