Friday, June 25, 2010

Saunas and Sea Snakes

It has been a wonderfully uneventful sail across the gulf, I can't believe the consistently strong winds out here, dropped a bit for a while yesterday to around 15 knots then picked up again. No drama's with Spirit, except she decided to go for a surf when I was trying to cook my microwave dinner, swearing at her didn't seem to help. Also the autohelm isn't working, went out on me when I was going through the reef so the windpilot has saved the day. The main wildlife out here seem to be sea snakes and flying fish. Yesterday when I had a wave dump on me in the cockpit (don't really mind that up here, it cools me down) I had a thought that I wouldn't want a sea snake coming in that way and just at that moment I saw a brilliantly yellow and black striped specimen slither past the hull. On the outside fortunately. Earlier on I saw a really fat one glide by.

My cabin has now turned into a sauna in the heat and moisture up here. It has rained every day while crossing the gulf, so inevitably water comes in as I go in and out of the cabin, and it all just steams up inside. I can't open the windows, because I won't be able to close them again so I am getting used to living in the equivalent of a sweatlodge. I cool off outside in the wind and rain.

I was buzzed by a customs plane the other day, scared the life out of me. Heard it coming before I saw it fly what seemed to be just above the mast. They then made contact on the radio "Spirit of Rockhampton. Spirit of Rockhampton" - set them straight on that one and then answered a million questions before they happily went on their way.

At this stage it looks like I may make Darwin on Monday or Tuesday next week, depending on the wind and also the tides to get me in there.


  1. Hi Jamie, the Dilleys are en vacances en France but we are still following you and telling everyone about you wherever we go.
    Bon voyage
    Pauline and John

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Sure it wasn't reflecting the yellow off your hull and was actually the deadly black and white striped variety? Be careful my brave and wonderful hero.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes.

  3. Hey Jamie,
    Almost there, great stuff. Look out for my cousin Danny in Darwin, sorry we are not able to get up to see you.
    Lots a love

  4. Hi Jamie
    Sheenagh and Christian here from chilly TAS. We reached a cool 1C here last night.
    Glad your almost home. Take care the seas are still wild down here!

  5. Clicking in periodically to read how you're going - always fascinating to get the detail - wildlife, weather, technical stuff - thanks for sharing so much, so often about your environment & lifestyle, for those of us unlikely to ever be out there in those seas.

  6. I give up - I know you have your problems but you don't post often enough to keep it interesting and in doing so I think you also let your sponsors down - I get fed up checking for nothing - all the best. Kevin

  7. Gday Mate, Maybe when in Darwin you could organize a lever to fit over the handles for the hatches and windows. Maybe just a short length of conduit would do.Almost on the down hill slide back home to where the ugg boots will be needed again.

  8. You better get used to getting buzzed. At least we know that they are out there looking after our coast line. Money well spent I rekon, what with keeping tabs on you and looking out for others who want into this country. Lets face it who can blame them. ITS A BLOODY GOOD COUNTRY WE LIVE (and sail) IN.