Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Round Two

Well thanks to Darren at Emu Point boat yards, Spirit is once again ship shape and ready to go. Both our bumps and scrapes have been repaired or healed and the winds are heading our way. I am now in Albany doing a final clean up and repack and unless something dramatic changes in the weather forecast I will be heading out first thing tomorrow morning, Friday 2nd April. I am looking forward to getting back into open water and underway again, although the unscheduled Albany stop was probably a blessing in disguise in terms of better preparing both myself and Spirit for the rigours of the Southern Ocean. For example, preparing food onboard has been one of my major difficulties in being offshore for long periods and Darren has rigged up an ingenious little pendulum system to hold my electric kettle over the sink when full of boiling water, making it much safer for me to manage. Big thanks to Allen and Will and Mum and Dad for trekking down to Albany to help sort the boat, also to Murray and Mark and Darren in Albany who have been so supportive. Their local knowledge and expertise has been invaluable.

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