Thursday, April 1, 2010

Round Two Continued

On advice from the locals, I'm delaying leaving Albany until tomorrow morning to let the weather settle into a more favourable weather pattern. We had quite a storm down here last night so the sea state is very messy, and the south westerly is now not arriving until during the night sometime. So despite somewhat chomping at the bit to get going, I will accept the local wisdom and wait another day. Also Friday is not viewed as a favourable day to leave port, and I am not inclined to tempt fate this time around. Having taken bananas with me on the trip from Rockingham despite being advised that that was inviting trouble, I am not prepared to take such risks again. Hence no bananas from now on, and no leaving on Friday either.

I have really appreciated reading the comments that have been left on my blog page, its great to know I have support out there and advice received is always appreciated. So please keep them coming!


  1. Go for it this time J-boy!

  2. Great to hear all is going well. Happy Easter and keep enjoying.

  3. Trying to post comment again...great to hear your news, hope the good times hold. Amazing to hear you had a call from Jessica, we are following her too, hard for us land lubbers to imagine it out there...Pauline and John

  4. Any chance you could explain more about the bananas, or would that be too awkward on a family-friendly website?

  5. Hi Jamie. Great to read your blog.Our thoughts are with you all the time.Congrats and Best wishes for the rest of your voyage.We will keep your Mum and Dad sane while you are away.
    Regards Val and Ric.

  6. Hi Jamie

    I have tried to get on this blog a few times, thinking of you - nearly in Hobart, with Jo and Bella - so good
    weather sounds scary, especially when I saw people rescued from "mountainous seas off Bunbury" take care, Fran