Friday, April 9, 2010

Feeling the cold

I have to start by thanking all the followers who have come to view my exploits from following Jessicas blog, and thank you to Jessica. I am still amazed at what she is doing, she must have the mental strength of someone twice her age to cope so well with what she faces every day on her own. I have only been out here a week and mentally its tough going. All my little everyday struggles do seem to have a point to them when I read some of the blog comments. Thank you for such positive thoughts coming my way, it really lifts the spirits and keeps the fire burning within. And believe me its bloody cold outside so fire anywhere is a good thing! Yes the icy Antarctica winds were blowing my way at around 20knots yesterday, the boat has been sailing along beautifully but I have been needing to restrict time spent outside due to the icy cold wind and rain. Hence the cockpit floor is covered in a mess of ropes currently as a consequence of my poling and then unpoling the jib. I am sure sorting that out will be my days task. What might take an able bodied person 10 minutes to do may take me a few hours so all these little jobs do add up. One job that kept me busy yesterday was rigging up another boom brake as the rope on it broke. Dragging my backside up on to the deck is very slow going. I have found that I am far better to take my time in thinking through solutions to any challenges that come up than panicking and wasting energy in not coming up with a good solution. The boom brake was one of those times. The less I have to get up on to the deck the better, so when I do I want to make sure it will work so I don't have to go out there again. Did manage to get out and rig up a boom break of sorts, it works, I'll have to keep an eye on it.

Have now journeyed below forty degrees. Yeehaa, almost halfway (or the point of no return!)


  1. Hello Jamie, So great to hear about your adventure. I am in awe. I can't imagine how cold it must be when you combine the wind and air temps. Keep smiling! Sue (Sydney)

  2. Hey Jamie,
    Well done, you are way down in the Great Aussie bite!!, you might see penguins if you go much further or iceburgs. Go Jamie Go
    Lots a love Cathie

  3. Hi Jamie! I have come across thanks to Jess in her blog...

    Can I just start by saying what a inspiration you are! I work as a Disability Employment Consulant and I tell my clients all the time that if you put your mind to something you can do it regardless of if you have a disability or not! I will be showing my clients your web page and hopefully you will be a great inspiration to them!

    Keep up the awesome work mate! Can't wait to see you in Sydney!

  4. Yes Mate what both Jessica and Abby are doing is amazing but no less amazing than you. Jamie just remember when it gets tough, the tough like you get going. You are a great inspiration to all able and disable people alike in what you are doing. Keep the chin up Mate there are a lot of people around the Globe cheering for you. Ric (Adelaide).

  5. Hi Jamie,
    We have been following your progress and it's great that you're going along so well. We can't begin to imagine how tough it is for you. We were never brave enough to take Roma down below 40degrees & that's with two able bodied sailors.
    The bottles of wine will sure taste good when you arrive in Hobart.
    Good on you mate,
    Thinking of you lots and lots
    Steve & Jane

  6. Well Jamie, just a short contact to say you blog family will build, and we will be following you as we do Jessica & Abby. You just make sure that you do think carefully of the things you have to do. I think in time it will come as second nature for you.
    You are very courageous for doing what you are doing. It always seems to be the way with Australians that they always give praise to others rather than hi-lighting themselves.
    Go for it Jamie and your determination will surely prevail. Good luck and God speed. Stay safe and clipped while struggling on deck. fair winds and seas be yours with faith.
    HaroldG Perth WA.

  7. Looks like your in some pretty strong pressure.You should be making good numbers towards Hobart on what looks like a beam reach for a couple of days.What are the best numbers you have in this blow?

  8. hi Jamie,make sure to keep nice and warm downunder(you really are downunder!)sailing through the Bight.Happy sails and I hope you dont get splinters in your backside dragging it on deck LOL.I was thinking that if your meals had plastic lids you could make a hole and lever the lid off.but I guess they are metal.Go,you legend! Gumleaf in qld.

  9. keep going, we are all with you in spirit...

  10. Another follower, joining the trailing blogs of all these comets circling the world, thanks to the networking - Jessica, Abby, Dilip, Jeanne - who else is out there to keep us landlubbers mesmerised watching you all? Fascinated, & in awe ... you are so amazing...

  11. hey man, heard about this from Jesse's blog
    you have more guts than many walking folks for sure--
    1-open can of soup
    Tom Moore
    1966 Islander 30---Honolulu

  12. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for inspiring us all. Congratulations on your achievements to date and I look forward to following your ventures. I have been following young Jessica who is just amazing.

    Take care and stay safe.
    from Melbourne

  13. You're going extremely well Jamie, am trying to get some schools on board... cheers.