Thursday, April 8, 2010

Settling In

I Have been thinking the last couple of days what a great start I have had to this leg from Albany- I have had the luxury of being able to settle into a good routine on board, with the light winds experienced so far. For those of you that know me well, rest assured the racing beast within has been beaten well and truly into submission! I have become extremely conservative in my sail settings and would far rather be under- powered than get into a situation where I have too much sail out. I understand very well the need to sustain myself and the boat for the long haul and not be trying to set speed records. There is also something good for the soul in being forced to slow down and take in the world at a different pace. I have been watching out for wildlife (no Minke whales unfortunately) and had an Albatross land on the water to the rear of the boat, the first I have seen land. Also been tucking into the tucker, though not the moths- thanks for the recipe, but I might pass on that one! Scallops and sauv blanc in Hobart is definitely something to look forward too. In tackling my microwave dinner last night I could not help thinking that I seem to be able to single-handedly sail hundreds of nautical miles out to sea but cannot manage to get the lid off my dinner! Pathetic really, took me a good half an hour to open but at least this one did not end up all over the cabin like the baked beans did.

Had some trouble with the boom today when the wind changed direction, it did not swing across as it should have. Slowed my progress for quite a while until it finally went across, the screeching noise it made reminded me of Spesh on a Friday night if there was no fizzy and chips in the pantry. Phone rang last night - Jessica Watson called up for a chat! She's only a few hundred nautical miles behind me. What an amazing 16 year old and a fantastic inspiration to other young people. Go Jess! Nearly home now...


  1. Every Minke whale you see, you draw it on wall or ceiling! From Richard

  2. Dear Jamie.
    just came across your blog via jessica watson who talked about you. I was very depressed tonight ( my life at 70 is not wonderful with a very sick husband and having cancer miself.)
    You gave me hope, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will follow you and pray for you as well as jessica. May King neptune take care of your journey, and may God's blessings be with you always. There is always a purpose in everything, your is to give hope and courage to people like me.Viv WA

  3. Hi Jamie
    Just found out about your trip from Jessica Watson and want to wish you the best of luck and if your in the need for inspiration she is the best in the business.
    Stay safe and I hope you get some nice wind.
    Will be following the both of you in the weeks to come

    See ya Mate


  4. Hello Jamie!

    I am on your site due to Jessica Watson's mention of your trip around Australia! I haven't been able to fully review all of your website yet but will do so asap.

    I'm thrilled she mentioned your voyage! I have followed her since before she left port on her incredible journey. (Isn't she doing GREAT?!) What an inspiration you are! My husband has been wheelchair bound for almost 20 years and has many other challenges as well, but I am going to bring him to the computer to view your website and will read to him about your voyage..........You will be an encouragement to him and I know he will join me in cheering you on!

    I am thrilled to 'meet you' and will be following you daily!!!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  5. Hi Jamie
    Glad to see see you have slowed down and enjoying the scenery. Guess there is no one
    to yell at to make the boat go faster :-)
    I know it is not really funny, but pissing myself laughing at imagining the image of you tring to get the top off the dinner.

  6. Jamie, Inspirational mate. I am about to set off in early May to break the world record for sailing solo around Australia non stop unassisted. Found out about you by that little trooper Jessica who is showing the world that sailing is for everyone and with you, what an amazing picture we are setting.

    Three very difference people doing three different sails yet all just loving the sailing. I would keep a track of where you are and hopefully as I come around we can cross each others paths out in the deep blue.

    Good luck to you mate and may the wind blow you the right way.

  7. G'day Jamie.
    Like a number of others I too came accross your site via Jessica Watson.
    Like both Jessica and Abby Sunderland I look forward to checking your site to make sure your on track.
    Mate I wish you every success in your goal, take care and keep well.
    Ric (in Adelaide SA)

  8. Good on ya Jamie. Fantastic that you're out there on the ocean. What a journey. I'm a C5-6 quad myself. I race an Access Liberty and i get into enough trouble just sailing that! But I dream of going to sea like you.
    How do you manage going to the bog? You don't have to answer that here!!!
    Wishing that the ocean and wind gods bless you with fair weather.
    Good luck
    Craig from Byron

  9. Hello Jamie,

    Here's another one who found you through Jessica's blog but wish I had known sooner that you're out there following your dreams.
    Reading the blogs of Jessica and Abby, and now yourself as well, continues to fill me with awe at the courage you display as we follow your experiences. I shall be following you every day.
    Wishing you the very best for this journey, and God speed.
    Sunshine Coast, Qld.

  10. I just read about your fantastic solo sail around Australia on Jessica's blog, read your story and watched the small documentary. Oi Oi Oi Jamie! I think you'll be getting lots more followers now that we know about your amazing endeavor.

    I'm the mom of a 22 yr old son with multiple "disabilities", as well as uniquely wonderful abilities!

    Reading your story and watching the vdeo is inspiring and emotional and honest, and so authentic about adapting to what life brings and finding the ABILITY to move our "moldy carcasses" on :)

    You and Jessica are both inspirations, for quite different reasons... but the reason hardly matters. Both of you will have a new sense of ability and strength from your experiences, and it will be YOURS!

    I wish you all the best, and a safe journey.

    Heart and hugs to you,
    Susan in Oregon

  11. Jamie, I don't believe you for a second that the racer in you has 'been beaten to submission'. I bet the moment Jessica pops over the horizon it will be game on! And Jessica, watch him - he'll luff you into Tassie before conceding the overlap.

    I even suspect the Albatross landed because it was exhausted trying to keep up!

  12. Hey there brother,I was wondering if you are using ugrib for weather forecasts? I have found it to be really accurate.The only drawback is that there is no lat/long reference to go by.
    It may be worth a look at.

  13. Hi Jamie,

    Yet another Jessica referral. It seems when you follow one inspirational being others keep appearing along the track. You certainly fit the bill!

    I look forward to following your circum-navigations and continuing to see how strong the human spirit can be when tested in abnormal situations.

    I hope the weather and seas are kind to you and your journey is a great success.


    Mike (Avoca Beach)

  14. just came over from Jessicas blog! so good to read of your adventure too! will enjoy checking in from over here in California!
    I agree with the comment before me, you and Jessica are truly inspirational and i truly enjoy reading of your courage and passion!

  15. Hi Jamie
    I found you through Jessica Watson.
    Great to see another 'can do' sailor out there.
    You are both amazing individuals and I wish you both success with your current adventures!
    Happy sailing!!!!

  16. Hi Jamie.firstly thanks to Jessica for telling us about you,Why have you not had the attention you so richly deserve?I think you are totally amazing and a role model for all us able bodied people who whine about nothing!Keep on keeping on ,you make us Aussies sooo proud.You shine Jamie and thats why the moth and beetle were attracted to you.I will follow you every day now,Gumleaf.