Sunday, April 25, 2010

Into The Tasman

I've decided I don't want to come into too many Ports as I go around the country as it is too difficult to keep saying farewell to the people I've met. Left Hobart yesterday morning as planned, under grey skies with a smattering of rain and only light breeze. Was accompanied for a way down the Derwent River by Ian Brett with Jo and Bella in his boat "Allumination" and Michael Vaughan on "Eximious". Steve Logan also came with me a short way, to check that everything was working before he jumped off onto Ian's boat. Thanks for the company guys - it seems to settle the nerves a little as I head off, or perhaps just delay them! Once they left me to my own devices, a pod of dolphins settled in around me and stayed for the duration until I was out in the open Ocean again. What a way to go. The winds stayed light until I was almost across Storm Bay, but I didn't quite get through unscathed and was spat out into the Tasman in 35knots of breeze. Spirit managed her fastest times yet of 8-9knots in those conditions. I must admit that I am pushing Spirit as fast as I can up the East coast for two reasons: one is the cold, the quicker I can get into more northern latitudes the better I function. And secondly there is a low expected in Bass Strait around Tuesday/Wednesday so I am trying to get north of it by then. I do tend to love a bit of speed, and today I've been flying up the east coast in 20 knot following winds, with sunshine on my face, and managing 6-7 knot speeds in much reduced swells compared to what I've been used to. In short, great sailing.

The photo above was take by Jo as I was on my way out the Derwent. The boat behind is Michael's "Eximious".


  1. Hey Jamie all i can say is that you really are a legend.. as a paraplegic sailor myself, i can in someways appreciate the difficulty and frustration you must feel at times,You are an insperation to us all...good luck mate...


  2. Thanks for the update Jamie,

    Enjoy the next leg of your "voyage"..Hope all the technical hick ups have been taken care of...
    Unity with Mother nature is one of the highest achievements for the human soul. Sailing will be a constant source of spiritual inspiration even through the toughest moments of gales, breakdowns, preparing food during big swells, and other challenges you might encounter.

    It is so hard to fully grasp how certain issues which might be simple for some will become specially hard for you....That is the strength of your Albert Einstein once stated:

    "The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self...?


  3. Hi Jamie
    Still with you and enjoying the blogs and the comments.Glad to see you had good sailing when you letf Hobart and I hope you get above that bad weather.It's so heart warming to hear of all the fantastic people you have met up with in your ports of call.With your less than average menu,cold and wet with heavy swells I'm sure these meetings help warm and sustain your spirit.Roll on warm weather.Happy sailing.

  4. Hello Jamie,
    I wish you a troublefree passage through the Bass Strait. I had no idea there were so many islands. It is a tricky place. I still have trouble getting my mind around the fact that you are going into Winter, as we are enjoying the Spring, and the begining of sailing season in Maryland! I liked the picture of your boat, and the cool hard dodger.


  5. Great blog Jamie.
    Glad you're getting some fast downwind sailing and sunshine. What sort of sail plan are you using in 20 knot following wind? I imagine a kite would be a bit dodgy to manage. But you did say you liked a bit of speed!
    Have you got a camera on board? Would love some more photos.
    All fantastic stuff ... wish I was out there too.
    Good luck
    Craig from Byron

  6. Howdy Jamie! We have been following you constantly since our friend, Miss Jessica Watson told us about you. What a journey for our souls, and for yourself and spirit, you are undertaking. God Speed. My Dad contracted polio in 1954 and garnered the cascading effects, galiantly, until his passing in 2006. You are transcending all obstacles to the joy of millions! We are so proud of you, and awe of your accomplishments! The candle is lit and the prayers are being offered up. You are so strong!
    Be safe, Always.
    Love, hugs and prayers from
    Wyoming, USA.
    Kim and Bill

  7. God speed, we will keep on waiting for your blogs, all the best. Viv

  8. Enjoy your trip Jamie. I trust that you have some food that you can warm up and of course chocolate for comfort. Are you able to get a bit of free time in Sydney? Best wishes. Jeanp