Monday, April 26, 2010

Photos from my "bloggie"

These are a couple of shots I took on my way across the Southern Ocean to Hobart - actually my first view of the southern coastline of Tasmania. Sony generously gave me a "bloggie" which I have found very easy to use - the difficult bit is getting the pics on my website! I have also taken some short video blogs. I have much greater expertise around sailing boats than around technology, so please bear with me. Jo has managed to load one on Youtube - follow this link to view:


  1. Hi Jamie, just watched your Sony "bloggie", it was great hope to see many more as you travel around Oz. Happy sailing take care. Ric (in Adelaide)

  2. Nice pics and good video, a picture says it all and we love them, keep going we are with you in spirit.

  3. Hello Jamie -- So glad to hear you're doing well and headed North to Sydney. Sounds like you are enjoying some nice sailing. Your photos are quite nice --really shows how beautiful it is out there. So glad you posted a was excellent! I moved closer to the screen while I watched it and seemed I could feel the motion. It felt like I was sailing was great!

    You are doing a masterful job and I continue to wish you nothing but the best!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  4. Looks as though you have made The Crossing WITHOUT a hitch. Great boat speed. Going into Sydney is special a trip under the bridge is really worthwhile.Which club will you be staying at? Keep going mate the hard (cold part)is behind you.

  5. Hey - great video, and love the pictures. You are an inspiration. Stay safe and keep those updates coming - I check every morning ! Vinnie - NZ