Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Conditions have varied enormously as I have either crawled or flown across the Strait - but I have managed to get far enough north to avoid the worst of the weather expected there. I've either been in no wind when its been forecast for 30 knots or been in 20 knots when its supposed to be 5, and it has varied between all of those strengths in the space of an hour at times. Just as I was relaxing into sailing with all on board systems functioning well my toilet stopped flushing. Now I not only have to drag myself to the toilet, but I have to cart a bottle of water with me as well or things could get a bit smelly in there as I still have a few days to go out here. Aah the pleasures of life on board!

Earlier on this evening I had a bit of excitement when I noticed a storm coming at me literally like a dagger on the radar pointing straight at Spirit! After setting off the alarm on the guardzone and setting the hairs on the back of my neck on edge, it was on me in fifteen minutes. Rain sheeting down like I'd not seen before out here, and not only that but hail as well. The noise was unbelievable - like Spirit was under attack and being stoned! The shape of the storm on the radar went from dagger to human, with arms wrapped around Spirit and legs trailing, and it then decided to stick around and didn't move off for a good hour or two.


  1. Well done keep going. The weather sounds as nice as it is up here in Newcastle.
    Ian Louise Josh and Jake

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I cannot even begin to imagine what it's like out there in the storm. You and young Jessica are just amazing people and inspire us all. Thank you for that.

    Good luck with the toilet flushing - something I suppose I just take for granted. I'll think of you next time I ... well ... mmmm ... yeah, what the heck ... I will think of you next time I flush and think how lucky I am in so many aspects of my life.

    Thanks for the blogs and thanks for inspiring others and showing us what is possible.

    from Melbourne

  3. Go Jamie Go! You are almost there,Sydney is just up a little bit further, well done.
    Lotsa love Cathie

  4. Hi Jamie, we are following you with much admiration and awe and I keep trying to post a comment, but that technology thing ....Pauline and John Dilley

  5. Hi Jamie,
    I think you are trying to impress us with your multi tasking abilities "Now I not only have to drag myself to the toilet, but I have to cart a bottle of water with me".

    Can you balance the water on your head? that would be impressive!

    Sounds like quite the storm! That's why you are a sailor, and I'm not! I get nervous enough on land with high winds, hoping all the many very tall tress around the house are firmly rooted! We've had some strong winds over the past few days, and tree debris is strewn everywhere ... it's going to take some time to clean it all up. I always thing of you amazing sailors (Jesse and Abby too) out there when the wind comes up, or when the clouds and skies are particularly awesome.

    I'm glad to have found your blog. I'm going to let a group in my area know about you and what you're doing. It's impressive, but tell me you've got that water balanced on your head, and I'll be completely and utterly impressed! (and maybe you can juggle too, since your hands will be free!)

    Stay safe,
    Susan in Oregon

  6. You are doing so well Jamie so keep at it. A storm at sea can be a very special place and with your "Spirit" enjoy the ride. I hope to catch up with you in Airlie Beach if you are here when I am here. I am about to chase you down by leaving Airlie Beach and sail solo non stop around Australia on an open 40 to break the world record. Would be amazing to meet you and introduce you to the sailing community in Airlie. They will love your story and there is a group of intellectually disabled kids that go to the sailing school so they would look up to you as we do. YOu are an inspiration mate so keep sailing hard and see you somewhere at some time.

    Ian Thomson
    Save Our Seas Ocean Racing.

  7. Hi Jamie, Your really moving fast up the coast, let me know what time your entering Sydney and I'll take a boat out to greet you, I'm hoping it will be Friday Arvo but that my schedule, keep up the good sailing and we'll see you soon
    Cheers Buddy fair winds Stephen Churm