Monday, May 24, 2010

Great Sailing

After finally getting far enough north to escape the grip of the rain storms, I managed to get some good consistent winds from the south east, 20-25 knots, and cruised along on the same sail setting for at least twelve hours. Managed to hold speeds of six and a half to seven knots which helped to feed my appetite for speed and make up some distance from the previous days. I'm now heading down the Capricorn Channel toward Airlie - and have noticed that when I'm sailing through Marine Park waters I don't see the fishing trawlers, which makes sailing a little more relaxing for me. Have hardly seen any boating activity at all for the past day or two. I am starting to witness the effects of the tidal currents, as my wind dropped out to about seven knots today but my speed stayed up around five knots. I know that Spirit can't do five knots in just seven knots of wind, so I'm sure the tide was helping us along.

Other reportable events - well I nearly ripped off my big toe today, but I did manage to patch it up. I'm getting a bit of practise putting bandaids on my big toe out here, am getting quite good at it! Also I was visited by some sort of marine life today, didn't get outside to see what it was but sounded like a big fish hit the deck just above my bed, flopped around frantically then managed to flop itself back off the boat. When I went outside I saw it had left a mark and a fish scale on my windshield where it must have bounced. I'd loved to have seen what it was.

I also want to let people know that there is someone else out there currently circumnavigating Australia ( bit like sharks circling really). Ian Thompson from Airlie Beach, who took the time to contact me and help with contacts in Airlie for when I arrive. A really nice guy, attempting a speed record for circumnavigating Australia solo non-stop and unassisted. He is doing fantastic time, left Airlie about 20 days ago, and is currently trying to pop down around the corner of WA (the dreaded Cape Leeuwin), my home turf. You might like to check out his website -


  1. Hi Jamie,

    Sorry about your toe. How big was the scale?
    Be safe my brave and wonderful hero...hugs, kisses and best wishes always...

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Gosh, a knockdown. I'm certainly glad to hear that you are OK after that.

    I have just returned from Sydney. When Jessica headed off on her voyage I decided I would go up to Sydney to welcome her back. I spent extra time in Sydney doing all the touristy things. It was a fitting reception for her for an amazing journey and yes, wasn't she just wonderful up there on the stage in front of all those people.

    Thank you for allowing us to follow your amazing journey too Jamie via your web site and blogs. I cannot believe how we almost crossed paths up in Sydney. I was at the Man O War steps on the Friday at about 1.30 p.m. (you were there in the morning). I was also in the VIP area for Jessica's reception. I was in VIP 2 and I suspect you were in VIP 1. Janell from Oklahoma was part of our little group and she was thrilled to find your boat in Sydney.

    Earplugs - I'll try eating apples with them in my ears but I don't think I'll put them in my dinner.

    Big toe - that doesn't sound too good. Take good care with that injury.

    Well, now that I'm back home my time is spent packing up my stuff. I'm moving houses. What a huge job it is. It was great to get away from it for 10 days whilst I went to Sydney but now I have no excuses. But Jamie, you and Jessica inspire me. How can I complain about sorting out and packing all my bits and pieces. I think of you, in your confined space at the whim of the elements, and doing things like trying to pick up all the bits of a spilt dinner out of the cracks in the companionway. Suddenly packing and moving seems easy. Thanks for that.

    Stay safe and take care.

    Cheers for now,
    from Melbourne

  3. The Dalkeith Residents send good wishes to Jamie and are quiet taken by his band-aid sagas. Jane updated your latest adventures today, they say your blog is like reading a good book, one that inspires them to go on with their life, no matter what challenges they face. Some residents are struggling on a daily basis, with health issues that have changed their lives and how they approach each day. They say Jamie has given them a sense of hope and light on there darkest of days.
    Big thanks and safe sailing Jamie.
    Love Naomi, Staff and Dalkeith Residents Traralgon Victoria.

  4. Dear Jamie, Congratulations what an amazing adventure you have undertaken, WOW!
    We have been folllowing you since you left Albany and log in each night to check you are going OK! Thank you for sharing your journey we are very privaledged . We came up to Sydney to see you on Saturday 8th May (5 trains and 5 hours later, due to track works! then a bus out to the CYC.) To be told you were at RANSA so not to be put off we found Spirit obediently sitting at the jetty, and after running down 4 people who came off that jetty finally found that you had gone north to Port Stevens they thought? So if any one told you they were terrorised by an elderly couple with a 2 year old in a red pram... it was us! Sooooo sorry to have missed you but we tried. We only wanted to tell you 'BEST WISHES' for the rest of your journey!. ps. thankfully we had a lift back home by car.
    Kind regards, Judy, Rob and Michael