Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rocketing to Airlie

Airlie Beach is almost in sight as I round the top of Hayman Island. The last couple of days have provided me with extremes in terms of good and not so good sailing conditions. The night before last I had no sleep at all as I had to hand sail around a couple of Islands, dodging shipping as well, in light breezes with tidal currents. I must say at that stage morale was not particularly high - I was so close, yet with the wind dropping out on me and the currents going against me I felt I could have been days away. Fatigue certainly has a way of altering your mindset, however things picked up yesterday - I got into some good westerly winds that took me where I wanted to go, I managed to keep clear of the shipping lanes get some much needed rest. Then last night I still wasn't sure if I'd make Ailie today or tomorrow, but overnight I picked up speed again. Had a few hours of sleep and when I woke up and checked where I was I was astounded at the progress - felt as if I must have been picked up by aliens when asleep and deposited within easy reach of Airlie! Today is a beautiful day, beautiful sailing weather, am surrounded in Islands and blue blue water, fair breezes and one tack all the way in. Can't wait. Many thanks to Tania at the sailing club and the kind folk at the Marina for organising my berthing and support when I arrive. I look forward to meeting all of you.

One other event that didn't improve my mood yesterday was getting my hand stuck down the loo. What the?? I hear you ask... well what happened was when the boat was bobbing around a lot - my toilet in the bow is a bit like a bucking bronco - and in grabbing hold of a rope to steady myself on the way in the screw came loose and dropped into the bowl. Uh oh, didn't want that flushing into the emulsifier below so reached in to get it, boat moved suddently as it does and my hand got firmly wedged in there. Thoughts of being found in this way a few days later were not good, eventually managed to free myself but the screw did get into the emulsifier unfortunately. Good thing I'm almost in Port.


  1. OMG, Mr Dunross! Is there anything you DON'T do? Can't imagine what next fix you're going to get yourself into, to keep us on edge of our seats (or to keep you on the edge of your "delicately located" seat?), on each leg of your journey.

  2. You continue to have my utmost respect and admiration for your eternal vigilance my brave and wonderful hero. Hugs, kisses and best wishes always.

  3. Hi Jamie -- Glad you are nearing another stop on your journey. I must say though, you sure are having your share of interesting adventures lately! :) You do such a good job of keeping your composure (at least in your blog :) that I am certain you can overcome any obstacle that gets in your way. Way to go!

    Keep up your good work and keep your wonderful blogs coming!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  4. Hi Jamie - have been following your progress with great interest. Heard you on ABC radio at Sydney Harbour and you sounded great.
    All at the Sound wish you well and we will keep up with your news.
    Remember we are all thinking of you especially during the times when you might get lonely.
    Stay safe!

  5. Well done looking at the map you seem to be half way!! Keep up the great job. We are watching.

  6. Aliens? That won't disqualify you for "solo" will it?! I'm sure your guardian angels are happy for any support they get... be it favorable currents and winds, or aliens... while they, and we, cheer you on!

    You do always manage to get out of the pickles you manage to get into! :) Good on'ya

    I'm amazed by what you've already accomplished, and you still have all your fingers and toes!

    Continued blessings,
    Susan in Oregon

  7. Hi Jamie,
    I am really amazed and with much respect and admiration for your fortitude. Everything is possible for somebody who really want to fulfill their dreams against all odds and you are an inspiration and a excellent model for that. I saw your web site link on Abby's blog. Please stay safe and may you have fair winds and smooth seas. God Bless!!!
    Trina and Marv Ventura, Ca

  8. Hi Jamie - well done however it would be good if you posted a bit more often to keep it interesting it's very boring checking in day after day with no news.