Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm in Yachtie Heaven

Firstly apologies for not reporting in for a few days. It's nice to stand down after getting in to catch my breath (and sleep). I've also been wandering around in a daze in paradise here in Airlie. A few sailors from Rockingham have come over to Airlie beach over the years and never returned. Now I know why. Perfect sailing conditions, perfect weather and great sailing location with the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef at your doorstep. Thanks again to Meridien Marinas at Able Point for their kind hospitality - its a beautiful Marina with first class facilities and friendly locals.

I'd like to respond to some of the bloggers comments. Firstly to Judy, Rob and Michael who trekked all the way to Sydney and missed me - really sorry I didn't get to catch up! If you can make it up here to Airlie I promise to be here for you! And the added bonus is you would be out of that awful weather you must be getting about now. To "anonymous", the fish scale left on my windshield was about the size of a five cent piece. To Richard from Maryland - I couldn't tell if the pole dug in and pivoted the boat during the knockdown as I was pinned down in the side of the boat, but the pole is joined at the mast at the bottom, not at the standard position of a metre and a half up. This allows for greater angle and height out of the water. The boat is over-engineered to allow for such instances given that I can't manoeuvre around to fix things quickly. To Susan from Oregan - in response to the suspected alien interference around the Islands up here, I would say that would classify as "outside assistance"! However without any evidence I should be OK.

Have been getting some maintenance done on Spirit. A big thankyou to Geoff Smith who braved pulling apart my toilet to get to the screw stuck in the emulsifier, it was a much bigger job than we thought but the toilet is now operational thanks to Geoff's work. I will also try to get the electrical problems sorted out this week. Am currently planning the route around to Darwin and will blog again in a few days when I am clearer as to the timing of leaving here. I've noticed that I'm not getting many handshakes here - just to let all and sundry know that I did thoroughly wash and disinfect my hand after it got stuck down the toilet before getting here!


  1. Greetings Jamie,
    Have been following your progress and wish to send you support and encouragement for the amazing feat you are accomplishing.
    Airlie is beautiful, isn't it?
    Take care and wishing you safe sailing onto Darwin.
    Cheers ........ "Soldier's Mum" :)

  2. Hi Jamie & Spirit, welcome to Airlie Beach, enjoy your stay.

    Looking forward to your next leg to Darwin.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes my brave and wonderful hero.

  3. Great to hear you have arrived safey - have been checking daily but figured that no media news was good news and that you were therefore OK. I had a weeks sailing in the whitsundays two years ago, and still dream about it, superb. Enjoy !! Especially the warm weather - bliss.
    Well done, mate, you are a real cracker.
    Vinnie - NZ

  4. Hello Jamie,

    Thanks for your most informative blogs.

    I have been following your progress since Jessica mentioned you after you left Albany.

    I know that you are in ‘yachtie heaven’ as many years ago I sailed from Airlie around the Whitsunday Islands with friends and loved it. It would be a lot more crowded there now.

    Please keep your good hand out of the toilet or install a quick release so that you can drag the bowl around the boat with you.

    Now that Jessica has landed, as well as cruising with you, I am following Don McIntyre and crew on Talasker Bounty Boat on the rout sailed by Bligh after the mutiny.

    Enjoy yourself while you safely achieve your dreams.


  5. Congratulations again in order. Well done Jamie. I would shake your hand. All the best for fair winds and on this leg favourable currents as you head around to Darwin. I'm delivering a car from Perth to Darwin soon dates may coincide. Would be good to catch up.
    Again all the best.
    Russell H

  6. Hey Jamie,Great to see that you are safe in Airlie beach, a most beautiful part of Austalia. I am in Dubin!! I was in Germany for a week and then on to Ireland but have been keeping an eye on you progress. Go Jamie well done. Will be back in Peth next week. Love to you and Jo and Bella Cathie xox

  7. Hi Jamie,
    Well, I have heard about the Whitsundays but never been. Your description confirms what everyone says about it. Enjoy. I will arrange to enjoy it also one day. Take care and stay safe as you venture on.
    Cheers for now.

  8. Jamie, you are enjoying my home town and I hope they are looking after you. I hope to be back there in 10-12 days myself and hope you will still be around, would to meet you face to face and I'll shake your hand, whether you want to shake mine after so long without a shower might be a different question.

    Anyway I am northbound now and heading across Bass Strait tomorrow. I am glad Meridian Marinas are looking after you, they are one of my sponsors and they are an awesome company let alone a great marina. They have marinas in several places, not just Airlie.

    Anyway, just wanted to say congrats on making paradise, it will be hard to leave. Maybe you'll do what I am doing and leave and sail straight back, just the long way around.

    Ian Thomson
    SOS Ocean Racing