Friday, July 16, 2010

Attack of the Flying Fish

Most Australians know how big the trucks on the road get in the north of the country -you know those massive road trains that are up here? Well I've seen the equivalent in ships! There seems to be a bit of traffic going in one direction, I'm assuming its Port Hedland, nowhere near me thankfully. Yesterday I saw the biggest ships imaginable - even from 8 nautical miles away, I could still see the bridge on them. Saw one and was astounded at the size, then another came on the radar and I swear it was a third bigger again! I'm assuming these are giant iron ore carriers probably heading for China. Wouldn't want to be in that shipping lane...

Nothing much else to report, other than a thwack on the side of the head by a rogue flying fish. They usually only jump about two feet off the water, so this one must have been on fish steroids because it hit halfway up the back stay before bouncing into my head and flipping back into the ocean. All in the space of a split second, leaving me slightly stunned and having a "what the?" moment. Other than that, winds have been light so I have had to work hard to keep the boat moving and its also still really hot.

As I draw closer to home I am thinking of the many people who volunteered their time to make this journey a reality for me, and just how grateful I am for their efforts. At this point I'd particularly like to thank Tim Dallas from South of Perth Yacht Club who put together and ran my tracker page, as well as maintaining the website. He's just returning home from hospital after serious illness, and even from hospital was still working on it! Thankyou Tim, that tracker page has been focal point of the website and crucial to people following, its just been fantastic.


  1. G'day Jamie,
    Well mate not long to go now and you're epic odyssey will have come to an end.
    Many of us we will have mixed feelings when your journey ends in Rocky.
    It has been a pleasure to travel with you around Oz, to read you’re blogs and to gain an insight into your physical problems and how you have overcome them to sail around Oz.
    Mate you are a Legend and an Inspiration to all.
    Take care and safe sailing on your last part of the journey home.
    Kindest regards,
    Ric (in Adelaide).

  2. well Jamie, we just did a 1 day sail from Guernsey to Herm in a 30 yr old 21 ft lugger and thought of you doing it on a vaster scale! It must be a wonderful feeling doing this last leg, having achieved so much, but with the WA coast to round it off, so to speak. We wish you fair winds and cool breezes, and easy on the sea snakes! Pauline and John Dilley

  3. Jamie, great to read the flying fish story, havent laughed so hard for months. Just come back from Medemblik, where Ame and I got 4th and Dan 3rd. It was stinking hot (30+ degrees), which Jeff said you would of preferred more than the weather when you were last in the bungalows. He sends his regards, along with Sue crafer, who we saw pedalling pass on a bike. Lindsay

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Your encounter with the flying fish gives a whole new meaning to the expression "better than a slap on the back with a wet fish".

    I hope you're managing to stay cool my brave and wonderful hero.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes.

  5. Gday Mate Give Fremantle Doctor a call, the boys are up fishing around the Monties. I will ring them and let them know you are in the neighborhood.

  6. Jamie,
    You are going great guns, almost knocking on the Rocky's door. Ralph Emerson once said "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies withn us". Your adventure has definately challenged what we may think is possible. GO JAMIE YOU ARE INDEED A CHAMPION!!
    Lots a love Cathie & Pete