Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stars in My Eyes

Since my last post, the wind has picked up and become more consistent again, ranging between 10 - 20 knots, coming mostly from the south east. I did change course slightly and moved further west away from the coast, to try to stay in better breeze and perhaps that move has paid off. The sea state is a bit lumpy and I'm having to adjust to it hitting me side on, I'm finding it pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately the edge has been take off the heat by the wind, so I'm no longer feeling like I'm being baked in a slow oven. I have Geoff Smith at Airlie to thank for installing the 12 volt fan in the cabin for me back there, in anticipation of warmer climes. Without that fan I don't think I could have carried on, it probably made the difference in me being able to complete this trip - well keep going anyway, I guess I've still gotten a way to go!

So, what's been happening over the past few days? A couple of things to report - when I was becalmed a couple of nights ago and sleeping out in the cockpit, I experienced a total glass out of the ocean. Not a breath of wind, the ocean had not a ripple on it, there was no moon and a clear sky so all the stars were reflecting off the ocean. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, like drifting in a sea of stars. Shame I was on my own, it was very romantic. Then the next night I came across a couple of boats fishing (I think) but with no nav lights on and not responding to my radio calls. I kept my distance and kept an eye on them on the radar.

This whole area past the Kimberley coast is just teeming with wildlife, so encouraging to see it. All kinds of fish, both flying and swimming, pods of dolphins everywhere, and plenty of birdlife too. I've seen a whale, not sure what kind but it had a dolphin type look to it. Today I've been sailing through weed of some kind, its gotten quite thick in some parts. Its a golden colour and I don't know where it comes from.


  1. Hi Jamie,

    It is indeed very encouraging to hear that area is still teaming with wildlife. Stars reflecting off the ocean sounds simply magical too.

    Thank goodness for that fan of yours my brave and wonderful hero.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes.

  2. Watch out for that weed mate, it gets stuck on your rudder and keel and slows you donw. I had to back down off it sooooooo many times it became very annoying. Gorgeous part of the world. Funny that you are seeing so much wildlife as I saw nothing but I got through that region with heaps of wind and when the sea is rough you don't see much.

    Keep at it mate, you are so close now.

  3. Not a bad idea backing up occasionally.Sorry didnt see the southerly swing. Best staying out wide any way because you dont want to be thumping into southerlies down the coast.

  4. Hey Jamie,
    You are well on your way back home, well done. It must be difficult to know that you are so close, especially when it is so hot and uncomfortable and with only a little breeze sometimes. Look at how far you have come, you are truly amazing. Confucius once said (apparently) "It does not matter how slowly you go so log as you do not stop.
    GO JAMIE!!
    Lots a love

  5. Hi Jamie, THX for your recent posts. Glad you made it through the worst of the heat --so glad you had the fan. What a friend you have who thought ahead and installed it for you! Also it is good to hear about the abundance of wildlife. Would love to see some of it....anymore videos possible?? And, that glassed-out starry night you described must have been breathtakingly beautiful. THX for sharing the word picture of it. Must have been just about 'heavenly'.

    Always nice to read your blogs. Take care out there and continue safely homeward.

    Janell in OK, USA