Friday, July 9, 2010


It's been a fairly uneventful and pleasant sail across the Bonaparte Gulf to the Kimberley Coast since leaving Darwin on Wednesday. Winds were light at first but settled into a steady 15 knot southeaster all day today, with not a lot of swell to contend with either. All in all it has made for great sailing - except for the heat! There is just no escaping it out here, due to the direction I'm sailing and the angle of the sun I'm not getting much shade in the cockpit and inside the cabin is stifling. Once again the difficulty my body has in regulating body temperature is causing me a few problems. Basically my body no longer has a functioning "thermostat", so my body temperature doesn't regulate itself as it should and instead takes on the temperature of the air around it. This gave me great difficulty dealing with the cold in the Southern Ocean, in trying not to get hyperthermia and now in the north I have to work to cool down so I don't overheat. My technique of buckets of cold seawater tipped over the head helps. It's lovely to come outside during the night and enjoy the cooler night air. I've seen the most amazing night skies of the trip up here - lovely clear skies full of stars. I've also seen the phosphorescence on the water that other sailors have told me about, which is a treat. Like little patches of LED lights sparkling under the surface of the water.

Nothing has come up on the radar out here, no other boats at all - just another couple of customs planes buzzing me but I'm getting used to that. I did see three sea snakes slithering past yesterday, I'm not too comfortable with that as I do worry about them landing onboard in a wave. Otherwise lots of flying fish, and a large submerged metal object covered in barnicles that floated by. I only knew it was there because a bird was standing on it, which was lucky because if I'd have banged into it there would have been some damage done.

Thankyou to my daughter Bella who is now back in Perth after following me from Port to Port and giving me lots of support on the way around. Couldn't have done it without you Bella, and thanks for your lovely message on the blog. Look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks!


  1. Morning Jamie, ejoying your updates, well done. Would you like to swap, we are on South Coast NSW, freeezzinn and have noticed with alarm we are growing web feet, have had so much rain our back yard is a muddy mess, our two poor dogs have had enough, taken to living on side pourch as its not viable trying to make it down to their shed. Our young grandson MJ (One from the red pram in Sydney) just showed his toy pet parrot your latest video then quite inspired dunked his material toy TURTLE in our gold fish tank to go sailing. Hubby Bob went green watching your video and me thinks he is now dreading summer coming when our litle boat hits the water for the season. Thanks for taking us all along for the ride! Keep safe and happy,
    Kind Regards, Judy Bob and Michael

  2. Hi Jamie,

    That bird was standing on the submerged object just for you my brave and wonderful hero. Good luck for the rest of your voyage.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes.

  3. HI Jamie. Fond memories of sailing the the Kimberly coast - and the suffocating heat. But don't complain too much - its freezing down here where you're headed, and we're all jealous. Yes there are a lot of snakes in the water aren't there - every boat-length on a calm day, but soon the thousands of whales will take your mind off them (was it yellow that attracts them, or the genset?). Never a dull moment eh. Fortunately the sharks ate all the crocodiles and the super tankers only travel by daylight (pick the obvious error). Man you are one brave dude. Sleep tight:)