Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baked, Boiled and Fried

Drifting in a south westerly direction, with a few deviations backwards or sideways, is about all I managed today. Sailing is becoming a bit of a distant memory, as I had my first "glass out" of the trip up here for hours today. No clouds, no swell, and nothing on the horizon. No wind either. Bit disconcerting, certainly makes you feel a bit insignificant and alone on the wide blue ocean. Fortunately I have another lot talking books to keep my mind from wandering too much. Did see some wildlife to distract me though. A pod of dolphins swam by, including one that somehow managed to stick himself out of the water down to his fins - head up at a bit of an angle - and then propel himself along looking around as he went. Quite intrigued as to how he managed it. Was also followed by a shark and a few fish. Tried to lure him to the surface for a better look with some of my packaged food, but I should have realised that wouldn't be very tempting. At another stage the boat sailed, I mean drifted, through some kind of fish ball. The water was literally boiling around the boat with fish, never seen anything like it. They were all moving so fast I couldn't get a good look at any, so don't know what they were.

The heat is really starting to make life very difficult for me as I battle to keep cool. Today was stifling - 42 degrees in the cabin, and not enough shade in the cockpit. Fortunately a slight westerly breeze sprang up at around 2 this afternoon, which just took the edge off the heat and meant I did in fact start sailing again for a while until it dropped out again this evening. It is such a relief when the sun goes down. I am going to try to sleep in the cockpit tonight to stay out of the heat in the cabin. Despite doing everything I can to keep cool, I am finding it exhausting and am only hoping some decent wind comes in soon to push me along a bit and give me some relief.


  1. Hi Jamie,
    Sorry to hear about the continuing discomfort with the heat. I hope the wind picks up soon for you. Thanks for the description of the wildlife. Enjoy being part of their environment while you wait for the wind.

  2. Hi Jamie
    Just to say that I love to keep up to date with where you are at and what Mother Nature has served you on any particular day. You've certainly experienced things most of us never will.

    Hope that there's some relief from the heat for you soon. It's certainly the opposite here in Rockingham - been cold and wet for a while now.

    I'm now 6 months pregnant and wondering whether my little girl might have arrived by the time you get back to base :-)!

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Best regards

  3. Hey Jamie,
    The heat is a real bugger, drink lots of water and a small wet towel aroung the neck does help a little, or on top of the hear like "I ai'nt fancy but I'm cheap" fella.
    Wet windy and wild in Perth at present, will I pray for fair winds for you up there.
    Lots a love Cathie

  4. Hey Jamie - just caught up with the big wave day Video - and your progress - you were lucky in "Blownapart" Gulf, it's usually windy and choppy. Hope you get cooler soon but not as cold as Freo - gales, rain, freezing! Fair winds, mate, love from Ole and Annie

  5. Hi Jamie
    Your packaged food sound like a real treat,yum yum. If the wildlife turn their nose up what can I say,you can add it to the list of things you will not miss.When you describe the "galss out" I have a mental image of old black and whie films,you know, where the crew become mutenous stired on by one crew member who lurkes in the shadows,only thing is it's a bit hard to have a muteny when your solo . Hope the still weather doesn't hang round long and you will soon be speading home.

  6. Hi Jamie,

    Balls of fish boiling on the surface usually means they're being chased by much bigger fish. I once saw a mantaray fly out of the water up there in similar conditions.

    I feel for you with that heat and hope you're managing to drink plenty of water and keep from getting sunburnt my brave and wonderful hero.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes.

  7. Hi Jamie just dropped into your house to thank your Dad for helping me out, wanted to send a message to you. Keep up the good work, we are all thinking of you here, look forward to your safe return. Hope the weather is getting a bit cooler for you, although you are lucky not to be here in Rockingham at the moment it is not very warm. Lots of storms have been hitting us. Today not bad nice and sunny. Take care Jamie, see you soon. Wally.

  8. Gday Mate,The breezes will fill in fairly soon . The fronts down south should draw some semi tropical air in behind them before the highs have a chance to set up. Then hopefully you should get some reasonable NE/N offshore.