Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Probably passing Geraldton too

Well I'm not passing Geraldton just yet, but it won't be too far off. I've been making really good ground over the past few days, averaging 6 - 7 knots, and am thinking I don't have any great reason to stop before getting home now. Yes I'm tired, sore, uncomfortable and can't wait to get off the boat but I'm only a few days away from home now. I can almost smell it - well there's actually a lot more unpleasant things I'm smelling now but I have a good imagination! It's as if there's a magnet sucking me down southward, although it's probably just that I have been using the big jib instead of the storm jib and Spirit has taken off. That, and being in the Leeuwin current. There's been some very good sailing in the mix of some really tough times, particularly at night when the wind seems to pick up and it gets really rough. I have had quite a bashing. In fact my trusty little Spot (my tracker) cradle, finally blew a hinge after all this way and I just managed to save it from going for a dive overboard. The "McRaedle" as I call it, has a story attached. The Spot tracker was kindly donated by Richard Evans from Underwater Video Systems just before I left WA. On the trip to Albany I found it very difficult to attach to any good position in the cockpit and nearly lost it several times. In Albany I explained the difficulty to Mark McRae (from Southern Ocean Sailing, who has been a fantastic support to me all the way around the country), who went away and came back just 45 minutes later with what I call the "McRaedle". This has kept Spot in position attached to the tiller, always facing the sky - until now! Well Mark, it so very nearly made it all the way, I've managed to tie it up but it no longer swings with the movement of the boat.

I've possibly now passed my previous sailing distance record which was from Albany to Hobart, if not I would be close to doing so. In the next day I will also pass my own record of sailing time spent on Spirit, beating the 15 day trip to Hobart. Unfortunately I seem to now be getting more south easterly than easterly in the wind, so think I'm in for a bit of a slog to get back. But not too far now thank goodness.


  1. Hey Jamie, My poor attempt at poetry..
    "My trusty spot called McRaedle
    has gone round Oz on his cable
    Just before home he starts to complain
    so I caught him and tied him up again"
    Maybe some more bloggers can add the next verse, I need all the help I can get.
    GO JAMIE, I can almost see you from here.
    Lotsa love Cathie & Pete

  2. Jamie you are such a tease. You've got a full week of favorable winds from east and backing slowly through the north - a dream! You could be home just before it goes south of west next Thursday. Please can you avoid arriving Wednesday afternoon as I have Pilates 4:30 to 5:30. Other days OK but after 10am preferably.

  3. Hi Jamie,

    I'd hate for you to take a tumble on your last hurdle because you're too tired, sore and uncomfortable. If you stop in Geraldton for a couple of days R+R you might enjoy the final run home so much more. But whatever you decide you will always be my most awesome, one and only, brave and wonderful hero. Good luck for the rest of the trip.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes.