Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming Home

Jamie is now making his way back to Rockingham and expects to arrive at the Val St. jetty around 2PM this Sunday 25th July. He has been making good progress over the day and is now not far north of Jurien Bay but a fair way off the coast. He's extremely fatigued after being at sea for so long, and has been unable to get much sleep the last couple of nights due to being bashed about by the southeasterlies that come in overnight.. He's also coping with pressure sores on top of being generally a bit battered and bruised, so its definately time to come home. He has however managed to sail non-stop from Darwin and by the time he reaches Rockingham that will be a distance of over 1900 nautical miles, breaking his own previous record of the longest distance sailed solo by a person with quadriplegia. Typical Jamie is, however, disappointed that he probably won't have cracked the 2000 nautical miles!

If anyone is interested in welcoming Jamie home to congratulate him on completing the circumnavigation please feel free to come down to the jetty by about 2PM on Sunday.


  1. Hey Jamie,
    We will be at Rocky to welcome you home, we would not miss it. You are amazing, just hang in there a little bit longer. The moon is gorgeous tonight just right to guide you home.
    Lots a love and see you Sunday Cathie and Pete

  2. Safe journey home you have done a most excellent job, have fun Sunday when you arrive home. Lots of love Naomi,Peter, Chris,Melyssa,Jarryd,Lauren and Maddison. All at Dalkeith said to tell you well done, they have enjoyed your amazing journey.

  3. Jamie's fellow-blog-readers may be interested in this:

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Please be not disappointed but extremely proud of your new personal best. Congratulations in anticipation my brave and wonderful hero.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes.

  5. Congratulations Jamie for a very hard job well done. Tomorrow you will have achieved your dream. We are all so proud of you.

    To all the wonderful people that have given their love and support to you through your Blog comments and phone calls, also the great people that helped before you left home and in every Port of call, thank you will never be enough. We hope that your lives are blessed always for taking the time to follow Jamie and to care what happens to him.

    Last but not least to Jo for all the hard work and support she has given Jamie. Driving around Australia in her trusty Camry, to make sure Jamie was OK. also for taking such good care of Bella. THANK YOU.
    Love and thanks to Jo's family, they have all been a wonderful support.

    Once again, many thanks.

    Lots of love to you Jamie, take care, stay safe.

    Mum, Dad, Gran and all the family.

  6. Way to go Jamie. You're a legend. Missed you in Darwin by a couple of days. Fantastic job.Fair winds.
    R Hinkley

  7. One epic voyage coming to safe and successful completion in the West, and another arriving Sydney in the East, both due Sunday 25th;
    and the difference?
    From what I've heard, Plastiki (with at least 3 able-bodied crew on board) requires tow-assistance due to restricted manouverability, but SoloI is Able, to come in under own sail.
    Nice irony!!

  8. Well done Jamie. Im sure bigger and better achievements will follow.
    Congrats again mate,

  9. Congratulations on magnificent effort.See you currently just behind Carnac,best of luck on reentry .The smell of the crowd and the roar of the greasepaint!!

  10. Way to go Jamie, It has been a long time coming yet you have finally made it. Great effort by you and all others involved.I will have an ouzo ready for you at the bar.


  12. Jamie, you are quite an inspiration. I am simply in awe of what you are achieving. Fair winds to bring you safely home!

  13. Dear Jamie,
    I just saw the news here in Perth - [ I'm visiting for a few days]- had NO idea that you'd be arriving today! If only I'd known! I would have been there to help welcome you home and congratulate you! Bugger! I'm SO annoyed at myself for not checking your blog lately! But with our boy just deployed :( my mind's been a bit distracted. Going back east tomorrow and will be meeting Jessica in a couple of weeks when she launches her book. I came to know of you through Jessica's blog. :)I can't believe I've missed a wonderful opportunity to be part of those welcoming you when the chance was there! Never mind, such is life!
    I CONGRATULATE you and want to tell you how amazing you are and what a human being of enormous substance you are, Jamie! You have my utmost admiration and respect.

    I wish you a good recovery from your courageous voyage and every happiness and success for the future.

    I hope you are accorded all the accolades and acknowledgement you richly deserve.

    My kindest regards to you,
    Soldier's Mum :)

  14. G'Day Jamie

    You are a legend mate and I am the richer for knowing you.

    Congratulations - what an achievement!!

    What an inspiration!! If I can make it for the 8th, I will give it a big shake. All depends on delivering a boat to Hamilton Island.

    I will call you in the meantime.

    With best regards - Kevin in Balmain