Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thankyou to Everybody

I've had a couple of days of recovery now and am starting to feel like my old self. Finishing on Sunday felt like an out of body experience, I was there but I wasn't there! Fatigue definately had me by the short and curlies. Firstly I'd like to say a big thankyou to all the bloggers for following me as I circumnavigated Australia. Your comments along the way made the hard times a lot easier and I felt very humbled by them. Thankyou all. I'd also like to thank everyone that came down to see me in on Sunday at Rockingham and I'm sorry it was such short notice as I know there were others that would have come down but didn't know I was coming in. Thankyou to all the volunteers that have helped in making the voyage a possibility and believing in me enough to do it, also of course to the number of sponsors without whom I it would not have become a reality. And a final thankyou to all the people that supported me as I went around Australia and gave their valuable time to make sure that I felt welcomed and that the boat was well prepared and safe for me to continue on my way. You guys made the trip fun and I really enjoyed meeting new friends who were fantastic people - that was actually the highlight of the trip for me, besides coming home! The willingness of strangers to support what I was doing shows our Aussie spirit of mateship is still alive a well and made me proud of the country I live in. We are so much alike in the way we think from one end of the country to the other. The people I met really valued life and living it to the full, and want good futures for their children and children's children.

Something that has come to light over the last few days is the time it took me to get around the country and the distances covered. For your interest, we are still calculating the exact distance but the last leg from Darwin looks like it was around 2000 nautical miles, I may be just under that, may be just over it but whatever it is it will be a new world record for a quadriplegic sailing solo unassisted. The sailing time to do the circumnavigation taking the stops out of it was 57 days. The current record was set about a month ago by Ian Thompson from Airlie Beach at 42 days, before he broke that record it was 68 days! So, I am ecstatic that I've managed to knock 11 days off the old record that had stood for years. Damn you Ian!

This is possibly the last blog for this voyage. I'm still in shock that I have completed the trip and am still alive and in one piece! I'm sure I have a guardian angel that was looking after me, there were a number of extremely close calls. I keep looking at the tracker page with the red line circling around the whole of Australia and I just can't believe that Spirit and I made that track!

For those that are wondering about the plans for a world trip, well its back to the drawing board on that. It's not a goal that will disappear out of my life but it would not be a possibility in Spirit. There is too much to maintain and I have some major issues with the extreme cold and heat which were the two things that nearly took me out due to the thermoregulatory issues of being a quadriplegic. I have some very long term ideas to explore, I think it is possible but of course its a matter of finance and support. After this eight year project I know how long things can take and quite honestly it might be quicker to take over the world than try to sail around it!


  1. Yes Jamie, the red line of the tracker really is telling the story of what you've just done! You really did it!

    Here's hoping you are getting some much deserved R & R and that you will find much satisfaction basking in the afterglow of your accomplishment. You one amazing person!

    You mentioned this may be your last post on this blog. Of course I was sad to read that and if, in fact, that is true, is there another option for keeping up with your adventures? You are sure to tackle more interesting and exciting ventures in the future and I would certainly enjoy keeping up with you. (I'm still disappointed at missing you in Sydney!)

    Whatever you do, just know that there are many of us out here cheering for you to keep on reaching for your dreams!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  2. Congratulations Jamie!
    What an impressive accomplishment, to say the least. The prime minister should have been there to welcome you back, and declare you a hero!

    And even after all you went through, you're still thinking about going around the world...wow. I laughed about what you said about taking over the world being easier! You have my vote, as we could use some compassionate sanity, and humor's always a good thing!

    I am wishing you all the best in whatever you do. You do have a motivating spirit!

    Many blessings,
    Susan in Oregon

  3. Hi Jamie
    It's been such a pleasure in my life. I'll miss loging on seeing what you are up to.Nilson was amazed that you where back so quickly and said to pass on his congardulations,on a job well done!!!Look forward to catching up and hearing more about it.A big congadulations,we are in awe.

  4. Congratulations, Jamie! Thank you for sharing your journey. Enjoy a good rest now.

  5. Tonight at the Whitsunday Sailing Club it was announced that you had achieved your goal. There was a massive round of applause. You touched so many people here in Airlie Beach.

    A dead set legend is all i can say.

    I am the Ian Thomson that holds the record for the fastest solo circumnavigation. However in my humble opinion, my achievement pails into insignificance compared to your effort. I cannot imagine doing what I did with your disabilites. What you have achieved is so inspiring to everyone and anyone. You inspire me and hence why you feature in my book titled Dare to Dream.

    You have made a dream a reality, you have opened doors for so many and proved that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

    You are a dead set legend and I will always look up to you. I may never have met you, but you will be regarded as a dear friend for life. I can't wait to meet you face to face, to talk story of our adventures and eventually sail together.

    Congratulations mate, what you have achieved deserved national airtime on the TV. Don't worry that you didn't get it, the world is waiting to hear your story and they will hear it.

    You have inspired so many, more than you can imagine. Here in Airlie, we await your arrival as a premanent resident, will be great to call you a local.

    Once again, congrats, you have done the world a favour, you have become on of only 6 people to have sailed solo around Australia.

    You are the second fastest ever, wow, what an achievement.

    Ian Thomson

  6. Hi Jamie,

    Nevermind all the stats...you are number one in my eyes, my bravest and most wonderful hero.

    Hugs kisses and very best wishes for the future.

  7. WOW! What a passionate post from Ian, and so deserving for you, Jamie!
    I ditto what Ian's posted regarding the national airtime on the TV.
    I'm in disbelief at the lack of appropriate and deserving acknowledgement of your incredible feat, Jamie.
    As a retired nurse, I know only too well just how incredible an achievement this is for you and you and your accomplishment deserve every accolade possible.
    What an inspiration you are!
    In a world badly wanting, you have shown guts and determination and are a wonderful example of how positive thinking can and does overcome the depths of despair.
    CONGRATULATIONS again, Jamie!
    Thanks for allowing us lesser mortals ride along wth you and be inspired by you!

    Wishing you every happiness in the years ahead.

    Cheers .... Soldier's Mum :)

  8. Amazing! Well done!
    Thinking about a comment heard during the Tour de France, they said that the cyclists' bodies change during that three-week stress period, unlike anything that even intensive training produces.
    I wonder if you feel something similar - that physically, having been pushed beyond normal limits, you notice changes?
    Whatever - awesome achievement.

  9. Congratulations Jamie!!
    Your sucessful voyage around Australia is a great triumph of personal character over tremendous adversity. You are an incredible champion, and an inspiration to all.


  10. Congratulations, Jamie, on completing your inspiring expedition :) Are you going to write a book about your voyage? I hope so! I would love to read it :) Best wishes, Matt.

  11. Hi Jamie

    I've been following your blog every now and then - and now you've done it!

    Congratulations on a great effort - you really are amazing, I can only imagine the physical, and mental challenges you must have experienced along the way! I hope all that hard work in the gym beforehand paid off? I can clearly remember going to the gym with you the first time, and you got on the hand cycle machine after a fit young muscley bloke had been on there. You started grinding away, then stopped, turned up the resistance and said "weak bastard"! And that probably sums you up - you're able to push yourself harder and further than any normal human being!

    Well I hope you now have a well deserved rest...for a little while at least.

    I'm no longer at Ascend Physio, I've moved to Ghana, Africa with my partner's work. However I would love to touch base with you at some stage when you have some time in your busy schedule! Maybe you can now follow my blog http://adventuresinghana-jacinta.blogspot.com ? I'm just starting to do some volunteer work here for people with disabilities - I'm sure it will involve many interesting challenges. Might have to use you as an example of what people with disabilities can achieve!


    Jacinta Downey