Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photos of the finish


  1. Job well done, please please write a book...This is a "achievement" way above the rest..

    Congratulations Jamie
    God Bless...

  2. Hi Jamie,


    What a fantastic achievement, you should be very proud of yourself. Well done!

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do next, I'm sure you will do great. Take good care of yourself my brave and wonderful hero.

    Hugs kisses and best wishes.

  3. Congratulations Jamie. Hope you can enjoy a well earned rest before you're off on another venture. Well done!! Cath Watson, Whanganui, NZ

  4. Hello Jamie!

    CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME HOME! You have accomplished an amazing goal!

    Human drive and courage move us to feats that appear impossible..... You have proven you are gifted with both drive and courage, as well as being a champion sailor and a man of great substance and worth. Go Jamie!

    May you be blessed with many years of sailing glory and much happiness!

    Janell in Oklahoma, USA

  5. Mate,
    Sorry we wern't there to cheer you across the line.
    You have done amazing things but most of all you are home safe.
    Geoff & Celia

  6. Jamie CONGRATULATIONS on your solo circumnavigation of Australia.
    This is no mean feat even by an “able bodied” person let alone by a person who is not as “able”.
    As I said earlier you are a Legend and a Champion, more importantly an Inspiration to all “disabled and disadvantaged members of the public”. I wish you and your family every success in the future with the proposed sailing program.
    It has been a pleasure to follow you around Oz via your blogs.
    Again mate I wish every success for the future.
    Ric (in Adelaide).

  7. Well done Jamie, we have been following you since hearing of your voyage from JW on her blog. A serious accomlishment and we hope you will write a book about your travels in life.
    Best wishes, sailor and daughter in CT, U.S.

  8. Words fail us Jamie, what an achievement, and thank you so much for maintaining such a fantastic blog, bringing us details of all your moments, the highs, lows and middles, it made it all so real and emotive. We are so sorry we were not able to be there to greet you on your return, but we salute you from afar, still in the UK. Very best wishes for speedy healing of those pressure ulcers. My brother has a business in the UK which deals with seating for people with disabilities and we have told him all about you. He is also a sailor and may have some suggestions in due course. Cheers for now, Pauline and John Dilley