Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heading for Hobart (Again!)

The decision to delay a day and leave on Saturday definately paid off, as I headed out into a south westerly breeze yesterday that got me off to a great start in the direction of Hobart. Despite supposedly being in gale force wind yesterday evening, I flopped around out there for a while in next to no wind which did slow me up a little. Picked up again after midnight and I have had some great runs. All is well with both Spirit and myself, managing to conserve energy this time taking advantage of the good conditions at the start to get myself into a good routine and well prepared for the not so good conditions that I am sure will come along at some stage.


  1. Jamie looks like a good start with following winds if you stay above 36S a few days. Easterlies below 37. Had to pull out of laser racing today in 20-25knts 3m swells at Mandurah.Bounced off a wave and split hull/deck join. But I was looking for an excuse - man I'm sore. I've been joining with Belinda's WAIS group. Their theme for the Mandurah regatta - 'routines'. Something for you in that too - eat, eat, and then eat some more.

    Pics leaving Albany look great.

    All my admiration to you.

  2. Gutted. I arrived in Albany on Friday and thought you'd already be on your way. Did see a yellow boat leaving the harbour on Saturday and said to hubby that you had gone day before.

    So anyway, could have come and watched you sail away but just to let you know that saw you from afar and was thinking of you!

    All the best Caroline